Some Things To Consider When Going Camping With Kids

OK, let’s consider this situation. You have been planning to go camping for a long weekend and on this occasion you are bringing the kids along so as they can get their first taste of the whole camping experience. What kid doesn’t get excited about that? Now, it’s time to sit down ahead of time and do what all good planners do and that is make a nice little checklist that takes into consideration all the things that you believe you will need to bring with you to ensure that this trip will be the best it possibly can be. You want to cover all the eventualities that you can think of ahead of time so absolutely nothing can spoil the trip for you and your family.

It goes without saying that the planning stage is definitely a must. The old (and probably very overused!) phrase that Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “fail to plan and you plan to fail” springs to mind. It’s pretty relevant and true in this case. Sit yourself down in a quiet environment with a pen and some note paper and start jotting down some notes. Before you do that, we want to try and ‘poke’ your brain, so to speak, with some of our own thoughts that hopefully will benefit you when you do actually knuckle down to making that all important list compiling.

Bear in mind, every trip is different and even more to the point, every location is different. Much of what you want to bring along will be influenced by the surroundings of the location of where you are headed to! Might sound like it’s stating the obvious but nonetheless we will make a point of it anyway. It would be pretty much next to impossible to cover absolutely every angle without the use of a crystal ball. Assuming you don’t have the benefit of such a future telling piece of equipment, it’s time to open the logical side of your brain. In this instance, the fact that you will have your children with you is going to influence pretty much everything. Bringing some things along that they amuse themselves at home might seem like a great idea. Depending on the children’s ages, some suggestions could be as simple as a board game and some of their favorite toys perhaps. However, we say leave that stuff at home. Better still to write down some ideas for engaging games for them to play that can pretty much amuse the family as a whole. After all, this is ‘adventure’ time and quality family time combined. A chance to do stuff together that is not part of the normal routine. To make it a special family time experience to remember, all it takes is a little imagination. For example, wooded areas are just great for kids as there are always walking trails to explore. Leave markers as you go like pieces of a wood, a bone, colored stones at various points along the trail that must be retrieved on the return walk back. Simple as it sounds, it’s actually great fun trying to find these items! Simple campsite games and activities like the ones described in this little gem of camping resource website will provide days of entertainment and tons of lovely memories.

Aside from keeping the children happy and amused, you also have to consider their safety. Never let them stray too far from the campsite environment without supervision. It only takes one one lapse of concentration on your part to turn a great camping experience into a potential nightmare situation. Kid’s love to explore. It’s an integral part of their make-up as we all know. They get caught up in the excitement of the moment and can suddenly find themselves a long ways from camp. Be vigilant and keep your eyes peeled on them at all times. When we think of kids too, we invariably thing of trips, falls, cuts and bruises. We must emphasize this, make sure you bring a first aid kit along. They are pretty inexpensive items to buy but they can save the day when an accident occurs. Better still, bring two of these kits along for easy and quick access. Keep one in the tent and one in the boot of your car.

In a previous blog post, we highlighted the importance of sleeping bag choices in terms of climate and temperatures considerations etc. We won’t go over that again but rather refer you back to read that particular post.

Bring more food that you expect you and your family might consume over the days you are camping. Better to be safe rather than sorry and sometimes it can be difficult to gauge exactly how much to bring. Don’t get caught out. Better to be prepared. Bring some food that can be consumed hot or cold like fruit, nuts, and bread. A good camping stove is needed too for cooking hot meals and drinks. From a personal perspective, we never go camping without our coffee percolator. Life without coffee does not bear thinking about :). If the nights are going to be cool or cold, consider bringing along a camping heater.

I hope this blog post will be of benefit to you in helping you compile your list before going camping with kids. As always, respect the environment around you. Tidy up when the time comes to go home and remember to take your rubbish away with you. If you enjoyed this post, please share the love and hit the share button of your favorite social media platform below!

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