Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 18.20.23Sleeping bags come in so many shapes and sizes for men and women and children. Thankfully, most of them are labeled to help you choose the right one. The shell of most sleeping bags is usually made from nylon or polyester. Be sure to choose a sleeping bag that is breathable. The top brand camping sleeping bags are generally rated as suitable for varying weather conditions and their ability to repel moisture. Sleeping bags should be durable and relatively easy to clean. Of course, as with any purchase we make, the price varies quite a bit depending on the product’s quality. Luckily, there are a number of great sleeping bags and air beds that are offered in the marketplace these days. Inferior bags are still being produced but if you stick with the top brands, you can avoid them easily enough.

Mummy sleeping bags are more narrow at both the foot-end than and the head-end. They are excellent for keeping the heat in! Whereas, the more conventional rectangle bags simply don’t have that level of heat retention. Mummy bags are extremely rugged, durable sleeping bags which are designed to work in extreme cold weather conditions. In a nutshell, mummy sleeping bags have heat retaining insulating pads that keep you nice and cosy on the coldest of nights.

The inside of the sleeping bag may be lined with an alternate material, for example polyester taffeta, which really does make the bag more comfortable. Most bags are made from different fabrics. Over the past several decades, synthetic sleeping bags have come quite a distance in terms of quality.

As you might expect, sleeping bags come in assorted sizes to fit men and women of all shapes and sizes. It’s really important to make sure you are buying the right one to suit your body size. It can make all the difference between an uncomfortable night of twisting and turning or a great night’s sleep. Most sleeping bags on the market will likely be labeled based on age and size which is indeed very helpful. And, of course, as we alluded to earlier, sleeping bags are made for various degrees of warmth. Ultimately, the climate of your camping destination you are headed for will dictate that particular aspect of choosing the right product!

Sleeping_bag_with_arms_and_legsIt goes without saying really that a good sleeping bag is a really important part of every backpacker’s kit. The shell of the sleeping bag intended for camping is quite commonly made from nylon or polyester.  Camping sleeping bags will mostly be rated for both warmth and the ability to repel moisture. Just to mention, as an aside, if you are taking your baby along for the trip, make sure the sleeping bag you decide on is the proper size for your baby. If you are using a baby sleeping bag that is made for winter conditions, be careful your baby doesn’t overheat. We don’t really recommend taking your baby on camping trips in very cold weather conditions unless you have an RV (Recreational Vehicle) or a campervan fitted with a portable heater inside.

The sleeping bag is easily the most significant item you are going to need when going camping or backpacking. Put in a little extra effort to suss out a decent one to suit your needs. You can even get bags with sleeves and a hood for the less hardy amongst us! Just think about where you are headed. Look at the 5 day weather forecast for the area. Consider what’s important to you (price range, quality, durability, type of fabric, heat retention padding levels, and comfort). Remember, it is often said, “you get what you pay for” and it’s no less true in the case of buying a sleeping bag. Buy yourself a well known brand with good reviews from people who already bought the product and you won’t go too far wrong.