In this article we want to touch on some things we feel are ultra important to keep in mind before going camping in snowy conditions. We want to throw some tips at you that we feel will be especially helpful when preparing yourself in advance. First thing that springs to mind is actually planning for the unexpected. Let us say put this before anything else. Be prepared for trips, falls, cuts or bruises. It’s not that you expect something bad to happen, it’s about being prepared. As humans, regardless of where we are, unforeseen things can happen. That’s why top of the list is to make sure you bring a first aid kit along. To be honest, that really goes for camping or indeed any other kind of vacation.camping in the snow

Here’s a suggestion we would like to throw out there before you head off camping into the wilds (snowy or otherwise). Why not camp outside in your own backyard for a night as part of your preparation? Seems like a kind of stupid idea at first but we believe this suggestion can be especially useful if you are new to the whole camping experience. If you get snowfall in your backyard and you are heading on a trip to a camping resort with these prevailing  conditions, well you get to experience it firsthand before the fact. Kind of a longshot possibility though! Anyway, you get the gist of it. Could be fun too if it’s a planned family trip. If you have forgotten something in your backyard test environment, you most likely won’t make that mistake when you embark on the real thing. Make a list of things you will need that otherwise might get forgotten. snow camping

Back to the subject matter of this article before we stray too far away from it! Camping in snowy conditions is what we are about. This is a really important point. You must dress for the occasion. Make sure you bring clothes that are guaranteed to keep you warm. Seems obvious, but believe us when we say we have been on a fair few organized group camping trips and inevitably there are nearly always one or two people who get caught out on the first day when they realize they need more warmer clothing. Usually they end up borrowing from others! We recommend hooded thermal insulated jacket and pants to start with. Don’t rely on the campfire alone to keep you warm. And, of course, suitable footwear. You want to keep a steady footing as you navigate your way around and snow boots are pretty much a prerequisite, There are a huge selection of snow boots available on the market today in lots of different styles, sizes and colors to suit everyone’s needs  (and style taste of course!).


Another little suggestion we would like to make is to bring a second camp stove along. “Why the hell would we need a second camping stove” we hear you scream. Well, before you shoot the idea down, stick with us while we explain more. It’s really quite a novel idea really. This second stove can ensure you can have an endless supply of drinking water by melting the snow with it. Pretty cool, eh?

When it comes to choosing a tent for snow camping, pick wisely. Look for a tent that that’s going to give you the best weather protection. We personally prefer either a mountaineering or 4 season tent for this purpose. Just don’t choose a cotton fabric tent as it’s not suitable for the cold and wet conditions you can expect in a snowy climate environment.

Finally, let us just say, waking up to a beautiful sunny day with the snow all around you is simply a majestic experience, not to mention incredibly invigorating too. Camping is always fun, but there is something just magical about a snowy surrounding. Just be careful and stay safe. Do sufficient preparation and planning beforehand. Oh, almost forgot… Bring sunscreen and sunglasses. The sun still can burn you when it’s cold.

We hope to bring you plenty of camping related posts right here on our blog. Be sure to check in regularly for more. We hope you enjoy our posts and get some benefit from them.