Why Camping Has Such Great Health Benefits


Thanks to a miniboom in outdoor services, the whole camping experience is fast becoming as turnkey as renting an Airbnb. For example, with Hipcamp, you can book a campsite on private land based on the amenities you want—say, a tricked-out tree house in the woods. Tentrr takes it one step further, allowing you to rent a fully furnished and setup campsite. Bring a change of clothes and some food, and you’re ready to kick back under the stars.

These businesses are in response to the fact that “more and more people have a desire to go camping,” says Hope Oldham, a senior REI Outdoor School instructor in Atlanta. Indeed, the number of Americans who camp has been steadily trending upward for the past five years, with 40.4 million people now overnighting in the wild sometime during the year, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. People crave nature, especially when the world feels intense and chaotic, explains Oldham. All the dreamy outdoor pics on Instagram may also be drawing newbies in.

Can’t rub two sticks together? “There are classes that teach beginners the basics, services that help campers find campsites, and gear rental programs,” says Oldham. You can pick up some skills at outdoor retailers like REI, which hosts camping classes at stores around the country. The company also offers women-only REI Outessa adventure retreats. (Skip the tent building altogether at one of these gorgeous glamping destinations.)…

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