Just came across this excellent post by Jay Gentile on the Thrillist blog. He goes into a lot of detail on beach, backcountry, winter, kayak and canoe, car and cliff camping. Superb information and well worth a read for all you camping enthusiasts out there! Here’s a snippet below:

“People who say they don’t know how to camp are simply setting the bar too high. Camping just means sleeping somewhere away from a permanent structure for the night. Throw a mattress into a truck bed and park it by a river, boom, guess what, you’re camping there, Davy Crockett.

So let your imagination roam. You can camp on romantic beaches, in remote backcountry, in deep winter snow, on the sides of mountain cliffs — or at any roadside Kiwanis. Just be sure to pack for the occasion. You’ll need different tools and insider knowledge for each situation, so we tapped the expert experience of REI Adventures senior instructor JJ Jameson and Jesse de Montigny, a certified mountain guide withAlberta’s Yamnuska Adventures. They clearly know their shit, so get schooled before you get fooled.”

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