WACOOL Air Core Tube Extra Large Camping Sleeping Pad

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  • *ULTRA COMPACT while EXTRA LARGE - The air tubular design allows for superior packability while providing an elevated sleep experience with unmatched support and infinite adjustability. Pack size only 14.5"*5"*5", easily fits in your backpack; Extra large! Unfold and inflated to L74.5"*W25.4"*H3.5", longer and wider than most competitors!
  • *INTEGRATED PUMP - The mat comes with a unique integrated foam foot pump that allows you to quickly and effortlessly pump your camping pad up without blowing with your breath. Just open the intake valve on the pump, step down your foot, the foam pump will squeeze air into the pad; lift your foot up, the foam pump will suck in air; Only 3-5mins fully inflated;
  • *DUAL USAGE EXHAUST VALVES - The exhaust valve has TWO stage. Open the first stage, it works as a one way intake valve, you can blow in air to adjust the thickness very easily; Open the second stage, it works as an exhaust vlave, air flow is maximized for quick and effortless deflation.
  • *AIR TUBE SYSTEM - Our mats are made to give you the same comfort of your bed at home. The 3.5" thick air core tubular design allows you to adjust the amount of air to provide the proper support your legs, hips, back, and shoulders need. It truly is one of the most comfortable pads you can take camping.
  • *DIAMOND RIPSTOP FABRIC - The Diamond Ripstop fabric which the pad is made with has been designed to resist tears, and it is also waterproof. A repair patch is included just in case accidentally puncture your air-filled sleeping pad; It can also be used as a floating pool mattress.
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WACOOL air core tubular design sleeping camping pad is much lightweight and compact than a traditional air mattress and offers much comfort than self-inflate foam sleeping pad.
Easy to use! No air pump needed! No human breath to inflate!

How To Inflate?
—- Using Integrated Foam Pump to Pump Up the Pad
-1. Place the pad flat.
-2. Check the exhasut valve is securely closed.Press the vlave down hard until it can’t move any further.
-3. Open the intake valve.
-4. Step down your foot on the foam pump covering the intake valve to create airtight seal.
The air inside the foam pump will be expeled into the pad tube.
-5. Lift up your foot to let foam pump refilled with air from intake valve by itself.
-6. Repeat step4 to step5 until the pad is filled to prefered firmness, takes about 3-5mins.
-7. Close the intake valve and the pad is ready to use.

—- Using Your Breath to Blow Up or to Adjust Firmness
-1. Open the first stage of exhasut vlave.
-2. Blow in air to adjust firmness.
-3. Close the exhaust valve securely.
How To Deflate ?
– 1. Open the second stage of exhaust vlave.
– 2. Roll the pad up and push out as much air as you can.
– 3. Lay the pad flat again then fold it in half.
– 4. Roll up the pad and put it in the sack.

– Unfolded Inflated: L74.5″*W25.4″*H3.5″
– Unfolded Flat: L83″*W27″
– Package size: 14.5″*5″*5″
– Total weight: ≈3LBS

Package Included:
–1 x Pad
–1 x Patch
–1 x Pouch