Mummy Camping Sleeping Bag – Hiking, Backpacking Sleeping Bag – Single Person Compact Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Adults with Compression Sack – Warm and Cold Weather Sleep Bag – by Trek N Tree

320T Anti-tearing Polyester Lining

Trek N Tree – Mummy Sleeping Bag

Boost warmth and cut down on weight with the snug fit of the Trek N Tree Mummy Sleeping Bag. Now you'll be able to roll over together with your bag as a substitute of having twisted up inside of it. Tighten the adjustable hood for your Highest level of snugness and sleep restfully in both warm and cold temperatures down to 35°F. Go wherever the trek takes you.

Form-Fitting Design for Optimal Insulation
Adjustable Hood with Pillow Space
Extra Roomy Foot Zipper
Hidden Inner Storage Pocket
SBS Two-Way Zipper & Drawstring
Non-Allergenic & Skin-Friendly
2 Attached Straps for Hassle Free Packing
Includes Water-proof Compression Sack
Machine Washable, Easy to Keep Clean
Built-In Hanging Hooks


A tapered cut throughout the legs and feet gives this deluxe mummy bag maximum thermal efficiency. It stays so toasty inside that the foot zipper is amazing for releasing any heat or moisture that builds up whilst you sleep. Less bulk and materials make it lighter in weight and more uncomplicated to pack. Highest for backpacking, tent camping, backyard camping, sleepovers, unexpected guests, road trips and urban car camping.


Packing and repacking your sleeping bag is such a lot simpler with Trek N Tree. Two attached straps make it more uncomplicated and quicker to tightly roll up the bag for efficiency. Then it’s extra easy to stuff the sleeping bag into the Water-proof compression sack.


Try the Trek N Tree bag at absolutely no risk to you! If you happen to don’t find it irresistible, we’ll refund your money AND YOU KEEP THE BAG!

Dimensions: 31.5” x 86.625”
Closure Type: Zipper
Fill Material : Polyester
Outer Material : Synthetic

Go wherever the trek takes you...

320T Anti-tearing Polyester Lining
WARMTH & AFFORDABILITY - Staying toasty warm in a mummy sleeping bag doesn't must mean burning through money. Why pay $one hundred’s of greenbacks for a lightweight sleeping bag when you'll be able to get this plush, cozy camp-in a position comfort for a fraction of the associated fee!
SLEEP LIKE A MUMMY - Get in a position to sleep like the dead and put the "mummy” in this mummy bag. Get up feeling refreshed like you just stepped out of a 1000 year-old tomb, minus the wrappings. Highest for backpacking, tent camping, car camping and road trips.
COOLING FOOT ZIPPER - A foot zipper in this warm and cold weather sleeping bag is great for when you wish to have to vent heat or release built-up moisture. Give your stiff feet & ankles a satisfying stretch within the morning whilst you remain tucked in and insulated.
STASH YOUR ESSENTIALS - This camping sleeping bag has a hidden inner storage pocket for stashing your phone, headlamp, watch, lip balm, eye drops, tissues, wipes, or sleep mask. Non-allergenic skin-friendly materials insulate even if damp and are fast-drying.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We will be able to't wait so as to add you to our long list of tree-trekkers and adventure seekers loving this compact sleeping bag. Problem together with your purchase? Do not be disturbed! You might be covered by our risk-free Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

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