LaidBack Pad Memory Foam Sleeping Pad – The Memory Foam Mattress Premium Camping Pad Experience For Great Sleep While Camping Or At Home

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  • A GREAT REST is GUARANTEED When You Use The LaidBackTM Sleeping Pad For Camping. It's the ultimate sleeping pad for a glamorous camping experience (Glamping), and will leave you FEELING Fresh in the morning, whether your waking up outside or indoors, WHEREVER you lie down to sleep.
  • This ORIGINAL Size LaidBackTM Sleeping Pad Dimensions are 72" x 24" x 2 3/8" When Rolled Out, and it Rolls Up to 13" x 12" x 24" for carrying. Weighing 8.5 lbs, the ORIGINAL LaidBackTM Sleeping Pad, is still LIGHT Enough to make carrying it short distances a dream compared to other camping beds, and it's built in heavy duty straps make it super easy to carry from your car to your sleep destination.
  • The LaidBackTM Pad was made to offer a sleeping experience similar to sleeping in your own bed. It's SOFT Polar Fleece top makes it very comfortable to rest on, EVEN without a sleeping bag between you and the pad; It's Proprietary Foam Layering CONTOURS to your Body, and Compensates for the irregularities of the ground beneath you, making uneven surfaces comfortable and assuring that your body will never hit the bottom.
  • The LaidBackTM Pad features a REMOVABLE, Machine Washable Cover for CLEANING, and Upgraded 1600 Denier Polyester Fabric Casing for Durability.
  • The LaidBackTM Pad is an Ultra COMFORTABLE Sleeping Pad, although it is not intended to be an Ultralight Sleeping Pad for long back packing trips. The LaidBackTM Memory Foam Sleeping Pad is NOT Water Proof; Use at your own discretion in damp or wet conditions. As well, the LaidBackTM Memory Foam Sleeping Pad is NOT Fire Proof; Use at you own discretion around campfires, cooking, or smoking!
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The LaidBackTM Pad Pad Memory Foam Sleeping Pad Will Make Your Sleep Away From Home Feel like you Haven’t Left Home.
It’s the perfect multi use Camping Pad; Ideal for tent and car camping, in addition to sleeping in your Camper, or Under the Stars; As a solo adventurer or taking your FAMILY Camping, you’ll LOVE having your LaidBackTM Sleeping Pads with you. Overnight Guests will be Thankful when you roll out one of your LaidBackTM Sleeping Pads for them to sleep on instead of an Air Mattress. It literally takes seconds, and it won’t lose air during the night. Store it in your closet, in your car, or just keep it unrolled under your bed for easy access to an extra bed. The LaidBackTM Pad is about deeper sleeping, more stretching, taking more naps, more relaxation. As the creator of this portable memory foam mattress describes, “You can still be adventurous and sleep in exotic places in comfort, no matter your age or physical challenges. I’ve had chronic back pain and the sleeping pad is very helpful and not a hindrance” The concept of the LaidBackTM Pad is to connect with nature and enjoy the powerful experience of sleeping outside. The LaidBackTM Sleeping Pad is made with a Proprietary 3 LAYER Foam Blend with 4 pound density Memory Foam, giving you the feeling of a BED in this 2 3/8″ thick sleeping pad. This gives your LaidBackTM Camping Bed significant rebound and elasticity, allowing you to sleep on it for years without sacrificing it’s quality or comfort. NO More SLEEPLESS Nights on the hard ground like you often experience with self inflating sleeping pads and other camping air mattresses when they puncture. The LaidBackTM Camping Bed requires no air and it’s durability will make it your premium portable sleeping pad experience for years to come. 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!