GasOne 200K BTU Propane Burner – Heavy-Duty Propane Stove – Outdoor Burner with Adjustable 0-20Psi Regulator and Steel Braided Hose – Ideal for Home Brewing, Turkey Fry Price: $87.90 (as of 02/01/2024 18:49 PST- Details)

A Professional Choice: If you love outdoor cooking, it’s time to make it even more enjoyable and fun with Gas One! Our single burner outdoor stove is designed to impress with its high 200,000 BTU heat output, robust construction and reliable construction that elevates any cooking adventure!
Built to Last: The Gas One propane camp stove is built for superior performance and safe cooking! That’s why our outdoor burner features a heavy-duty metal body with cast iron burners and a high-temperature protective coating that ensure long-lasting use and outstanding resistance!
Heat-Control Regulator: Our propane burners for outdoor cooking come with a special regulator knob that allows easy heat control. The regulator is adjustable from 0 to 20psi, adapting to your cooking and heating needs.

This high-pressure burner has an industry leading warmth output, supplying you with the ability to cook absolutely anything in your menu. Our one burner stove is Easiest for camping, fishing, out of doors cooking, emergency preparedness, & more. At Gas One, safety & warmth go hand in hand. The burner is accompanied by a nil-20 psi regulator which controls gas & pressure float, making sure a protected revel in together with your burner. The regulator uses an o-ring to forestall any gas leakage.

Ignition Kind : No Ignition System

Portability - portable forged iron one burner camp stove, sturdy and sturdy design, fabricated from forged iron long lasting and excellent for projects
High warmth output- fully adjustable warmth-Keep an eye on regulator knob, power with Keep an eye on
Heavy Duty - Easiest for brewing, camping, fishing, out of doors cooking, emergency preparedness, and so forth. , strong and long lasting
Safety- warmth adjustable regulator included to be used with propane tank, hose included for attaching to propane tank, o-ring installed on regulator to be sure that there's no gas leakage (it's conceivable to tighten by hand, but is a good option to make use of tools with a view to tighten)
Steel Braided hose - 0-20 psi adjustable regulator with Steel braided hose included to make use of with propane tank

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