Fire Lighter Spider – Fire Pit Log Holder For Starting and Maintaining Campfires

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  • A great tool to start and maintain your fire, quick and easy set up & comes with traveling case
  • Keeps constant airflow under your logs for maximum heat output and increases fire efficiency
  • Works great for camping, backpacking, and at the beach in the sand
  • Great Survival Tool To Carry On All Your Adventures!
  • Excellent for keeping paper in place, and a solid surface for kindling and logs to lean against
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Fire Starter TeePee – Fire Pit Spider For Building & Maintaining Camp Fires

The “Teepee” fire lighting method is one of the oldest tricks in the book to easily build a great fire. It allows for plenty of oxygen to flow around kindling and provides plenty of places to pack in paper for fuel. However, gravity tends to make building the fire hard. Kindling often falls down during construction and it always caves in on itself once the wood begins to burn. Which frequently kills the fire before enough coals are created. With the Fire Lighter Spider all the frustrations of building the fire using the Teepee method are eliminated. The Fire Lighter Spider provides a firm foundation to build upon. Simply place the Fire Lighter Spider over your favorite fuel such as newspaper or dry foliage. Then lean your kindling against it (no more balancing acts!). Light the fire and let nature take its course. The Fire Lighter Spider keeps the kindling in place the entire time so your fire can produce coals. Adding logs to the fire is also much easier. Continue to place logs on the fire and the Fire Lighter Spider will prevent any smothering from happening. Air will continue to flow through the fire so maximum heat is generated. The Fire Lighter Spider only weights 2lbs and comes with a carrying case so it can be easily transported to any of your favorite camping sites. Use it while camping, backpacking and even for an easy way to light your fire pit in the backyard

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