EKTOS 80% Wool Blanket, 4.0 lbs, 66″x90″ (Twin Size) – Olive Green

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PERFECT INDOORS OR OUTDOORS - EKTOS wool blankets are loom woven, ruggedly designed and finished on all sides. They get the job done equally well within the wilderness, your adventure van or the master suite. We have now worked hard to make these blankets as soft, non-scratchy and odor free as conceivable (but hey - they're still made out of wool - see comfort tips within the FAQ below)
BREATHABLE WARMTH & COMFORT - If you happen to've never slept with a wool blanket you're missing out! Wool has an almost magical ability to retain warmth, provide airflow, wick moisture, and control temperature - keeping you dry and comfortable even as sleeping - and in addition making them a good year-round option. It is the opposite of that hot sticky feeling (or that cold damp feeling) you'll be able to every now and then get with synthetic insulators
NATURAL BENEFITS - Wool is a time-tested natural insulator that can give warmth even if it's wet. It also inherently resists static, fire and soiling. Opting for a blanket made out of a natural, sustainable and renewable resource such as sheep wool is a smart choice for both you and our planet
NO FIRE RETARDANT ADDED - In spite of wool being naturally fire resistent, many blankets in the marketplace still contain chemical flame retardants. Sleep easy knowing this blanket incorporates no added fire retardants
TRIPLE PREWASHED - These wool blankets are triple-washed all the way through production to lead them to softer, more odor free, and no more at risk of shedding or shrinking - so they're in a position to be used as soon as you receive them

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