Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag | 0°F Sleeping Bag | Heritage Cold-Weather Camping Sleeping Bag Price:  $84.35 (as of 02/01/2024 18:21 PST- Details)

Made in the USA or Imported
KEEPS YOU COZY: Stay warm in temperatures as low as 10°F with heat-locking flannel liner


Product Description

Sleep comfortably—even if the temperature drops well below freezing—with the Coleman Heritage 10°F Cold-Weather Big and Tall Sleeping Bag. A spacious design incorporates most campers as much as 6 feet 7 inches in height. This durable sleeping bag is machine washable for no-hassle cleaning at home and backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Stay warm on camping and hunting excursions Within the Coleman Heritage Big and Tall sleeping bag, which is rated to temperatures as little as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It is filled with five pounds of Holofill 808 insulation, which offers high-loft, hollow-core fibers that prevent body heat from escaping, thus holding more air throughout the bag. The Heritage rectangular sleeping bag measures 40 by 84 inches folded, and will fit most sleepers as much as 6 foot, 5 inches tall. Other features include a heavy-duty cotton cover material, cotton flannel liner, and Coleman's exclusive set of ComfortSmart sleeping bag technologies, including a zipper guard to prevent snags, FiberLock to prevent insulation from shifting, ThermoLock which reduces heat loss through the zipper, Zipper Go with the flow Tailoring that allows smooth zipper operation across the corner, Comfort Cuff that surrounds your face with softness, and Roll Keep watch over that locks the bag in place for easier rolling-up and storing.

Features and Specifications:

  • 5 pounds Coletherm Holofill 808 insulation
  • Rated to 10 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions Open: 80 by 84 inches (W x H)
  • Dimenions Closed: 40 by 84 inches (W x H)
  • Rectangular-style sleeping bag made to fit heights as much as 6 feet, 5 inches
  • Cotton cover to cotton flannel liner
  • No-snag patented zipper with seal to reduce heat loss
  • Coleman Wrap 'N' Roll storage system
  • FiberLock prevents insulation from shifting and increases durability
  • Smooth operating zippers
  • Comfort Cuff surrounds your face with softness

About Coleman
More than 100 years ago, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit and a better idea began manufacturing lanterns in Wichita, Kansas. His name was once W.C. Coleman, and the company he founded would change life in The usa. A man plagued with such poor vision he every so often had to ask classmates to read aloud to him, Coleman saw a brilliant light in 1900 in a drugstore window that stopped him in his tracks. He inquired about the light inside and came upon he was once in a position to read even the small print on a medicine bottle by the illumination. The lamps had mantles, not wicks, and were fueled by gasoline under pressure as an alternative of coal oil. Soon afterward, Coleman began a lighting service that offered a "no light, no pay" clause--a large step forward for merchants who were burned by inferior products that rarely worked--and drew substantial interest from businesses that wanted to keep their lights on after dark. Within the ensuing years, Coleman expanded its product line well beyond lanterns. The company's current catalog is thick with products that make spending time outdoors a pleasure. There are coolers that keep foods and drinks cold for days on end, comfortable airbeds that may not deflate all through the night, a complete line of LED lights that last for years, powerful portable grills that cook with an authentic open-grill flame, and much, a lot more. Coleman has actually fashioned much of our outside camping experience, and expects to take action for generations to come.

Made in the us or Imported
KEEPS YOU COZY: Stay warm in temperatures as little as 10°F with heat-locking flannel liner
PREVENTS HEAT LOSS: A draft tube along the zipper assists in keeping body heat from escaping
BUILT TO LAST: Durable construction assists in keeping insulation from shifting
NO-SNAG ZIPPER: Snag-free zipping and unzipping each time
EASY CLEANING: Machine washable
DIMENSIONS: 84 x 40 in.; ideal for campers as much as 6 ft. 7 in.

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