Camping Mat Inflatable Sleeping Pad – Compact and Lightweight, Perfect for Backpacking – Ultralight Air Mattress Engineered for Support & Sleep Comfort – with Bonus Survival Whistle (Admiral Blue)

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❓ Q: I see your sleeping pad is made of 40D Nylon, but other similar pads on Amazon are 20D Nylon… What’s the difference, and which is best?

🔆 A: The fibers in 40D fabric have about 1.5 times the fiber diameter of 20D nylon, so in summary, our fabric is stronger than competitors. We made the decision to spend more money on higher quality fabric to ensure a quality product that won’t tear or rip as easily. Also, our nylon is woven into a 3d Ripstop structure using a special reinforcing technique that strengthens it even further.

❓ Q: I weigh 205 pounds… Would I bottom out on this pad, or will I still be comfortably cushioned?

🔆 A: At 205 pounds, you’ll still be comfortably cushioned, and you shouldn’t bottom out. We typically suggest 220 lbs as the maximum loading weight (this is an air pad after all!), although you may be able to get away with a little more.

❓ Q: Can I use this sleeping mat directly on the grass?

🔆 A: Absolutely! The material is very durable, but we still recommend to remove small sticks, rocks, and other debris that may puncture it. But not to worry, if you do accidentally puncture the pad, we include three 3M repair patches just in case!

❓ Q: Is the carry pouch also water resistant?

🔆 A: Yes it is waterproof, just like our sleeping mat!

❓ Q: Is your camping mat PVC free?

🔆 A: Yes its PVC free (better for the environment, factory workers, and end users!)

❓ Q: How should I clean or wash my sleeping pad? Is it machine washable?

🔆 A: Our cleaning recommendations: Fully deflate your pad, wipe down the surface with a damp cloth and a bit of mild soap or detergent. Then wipe it down again with a clean damp cloth. Allow it to fully air dry, then store away in your carry sack. We don’t recommend machine washing.

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