besrey Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking Toddler Backpack Carrier Child Carrier Black

COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: The hiking baby backpack carrier comes with 5-point seat belts which are made of super soft material. With adjustable straps and stirrups, this backpack carrier could keep babies in a comfortable and safe position while enjoy the trip.
LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightweight frame only weighs 5.5 pounds yet is sturdy enough to be comfortable for both baby and adult for hours. Minimum child weight is 16 lbs for use and maximum weight including child, gear and carriers is 44 lbs.
ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Comfortably padded shoulder strap and waist belt helps to spreads the weight to your shoulders and waist evenly. Adjustable buckle design fits a range of parents with different shapes.

About The besrey Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking

★LIGHT WEIGHT : The besrey Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking is very lightweight and easy to hold. It helps your back feel better, because it spreads the burden on your waist and shoulders calmly
★SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: The baby backpack carrier comes with 5-point seat belts are made of super soft subject matter Very best fit for the Kid Comfort Active, works great and will provide you with rather less worry that your going to hit your child's head off a tree,which ensurey your baby go to sleep in it on more than one hikes
★UV AND RAIN RESISTANT: The baby go back and forth carrier feature with sunshade which gives ample coverage from the sun and rain ,at the same time your baby sits higher so he can see each and every step of the adventure ahead. It's easy to be put the sunshade on or take it off in reality quick and easy
★ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The climbing carrier for toddler with seat and the footrests are height-adjustable, way to the peak adjustment, the kid at all times has a healthy posture and sleeping position within the child carrier. There's a washable and removable chin pad
★EASY TO STORE: The besrey Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking has ample pocket spaces for diaper wipes and water bottles. It will comforyably fit the diapers, emergency kit, flashlight, light gear in there and not using a problem. Wide waist belt with small zipper pocket at the side , decent storage compartment under the seat be certain your storage demand

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