500 Count Crystal Plastic Cups 16 Oz, Ultra Clear PET Disposable Cup 16Oz. Plastic Beer Cup Cold Drink Cups for Party Wedding Event Meeting Business Office Reception Picnic BBQ Bulk Cups 16oz 500 Pack

[Includes 500 Cups] Fabulous Party 16 Ounce Clear Plastic Cups are Heavy Duty, Crystal Clear, Crack Resistant and Stackable which take up less space and withstand transportation and storage. Stock up now and always get ready for your party, event and everyday life with Fabulous Party drinkware.
Outstanding Clarity Performance: These amazing crystal cups are made of finest PET plastic, the super clear material enables the cups perfectly present the original appearance of food and drink, bring you the enjoyment of fresh and colorful.
BPA Free & Safety Assured: PET plastic is 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, recyclable and is a recognized safe material for food and drink packaging. TIPS: Do Not heat the PET cups in microwave oven; Do Not use PET cups for hot drinks with a temperature exceeding 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fabulous Birthday party 16 oz. Fine Plastic Cup Built To Fine Life! These disposable plastic cups are Unbreakable, Crack-resistant, Stackable and take up less cupboard space. Buy and stock up now, at all times get able in your Birthday party, event and on a regular basis life with Fabulous Birthday party drinkware.
Extra Clarity Subject material: the crystal clear plastic cups are product of PET Subject material, a really perfect clear plastic with high clarity, makes the cup perfectly present the unique appearance of foods and drinks, bring you the joy of clean and colorful out of your cup of beverage.
BPA Free & Safety Assured: PET plastics are one hundred% BPA-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, recyclable and perfectly secure for foods and drinks. Attention: Do No longer use this cup for warm water / hot coffee / hot tea; Do No longer put this cup in microwave oven. ( FYI: Disposable PET cups shall No longer be used for foods and drinks with a temperature exceeding 140 degrees Fahrenheit. )
Multipurpose Drinkware: Designed to contain a wide variety of cold beverage such as fruit juice, smoothie, iced coffee, cold tea, sparkling, lemonade, soda pop, beer, wine, cocktails, BOBA, bubble tea, milkshake, yogurts, mixed drink; Also ideal food containers for serving vegetable, salad, dessert, ice cream, jelly or snacks.
Extensive Occasions: They're the crucial disposable cups for BBQ, camping, picnic, drinks shop, delicatessen, restaurant, takeout and place of job reception and the like. They're also important disposable drinkware for social gatherings such as party, home Birthday party, graduation, wedding and a wide variety of social events. Revel in your happy hours and say good-bye to the boring housework.

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