5-Gallon Stackable Water Containers (20 total gallons), Emergency Water Storage Containers, BPA free, high density polyetholene …

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  • EASY STACKING, SPACE SAVINGS CONTAINERS: With the flat bottoms and tops, these containers can nestle together for easy stacking. This means you can store more water in less space that most other water containers. Our containers have a built in handle which makes them ideal for moving around, especially in a situation where time is against you.
  • MADE IN AMERICA - THE QUALITY YOU DESERVE:Our Stackable Water Containers are made from 100% non-toxic, food-grade plastic and are MADE IN AMERICA. This means you will have a durable water container that you can rely on. The containers are BPA FREE and made from high density polyetholene (HDPE) which means you are getting a high quality water container that can weather any storm.
  • PROVIDES 40 DAYS WORTH OF DRINKING WATER: It's recommended that you have 1/2 gallon of water per person per day for emergency situations. This will provide you with 20 gallons (4 containers that are 5 gallons each)- about 40 days of drinking water storage!
  • IDEAL CONTAINERS FOR ANY SITUATION: Whether you're looking for a durable water container for emergency storage, camping, boating, road trips, etc. this kit is exactly what you've been looking for. Each 5-gallon water container has a built in handle that makes transporting these containers a breeze.
  • BUILT-IN FEATURES WITH YOU IN MIND: Each container has a low-profile, easy-grip handle making it easy to grab-and-go. These containers also have a built-in twist breathing port which makes it easier than ever to pour out the contents of your containers without getting air-locked.
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These BPA free, high density polyetholene(HDPE) stackable water containers are perfect for your water storage needs. The Stackable Water Containers each hold 5-gallons of water. That means that with this kit, you’ll have 20-gallons of fresh, clean water for you and your loved ones. You’ll need about a half gallon each day for drinking purposes in an emergency which means that this supply will last a person 40 days, cut it in half if you plan to use it for cleaning and hygiene.
With the flat bottoms and tops, these containers can nestle together for easy stacking. This will save you space and be more convenient than other containers. Instead of trying to move around a large container, you can easily pick up a 5-gallon container and use as needed.
Water is an item that you’ll need in an emergency. While you might be able to survive for a while without food, you won’t last very long without water. Be prepared with water for your family and buy today!
Kit includes: (4) 5-gallon stackable water containers with lids.

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