Amazing Lakes in New England

  Crystal-clear freshwater lakes are tucked throughout the verdant landscape of our region. Some are small enough to hike around, while others stretch to the horizon. Here are ten of the prettiest lakes in New England that are definitely worth a visit. Prettiest Lakes in New England | Newfoun [...]

Why Camping Has Such Great Health Benefits

Thanks to a miniboom in outdoor services, the whole camping experience is fast becoming as turnkey as renting an Airbnb. For example, with Hipcamp, you can book a campsite on private land based on the amenities you want—say, a tricked-out tree house in the woods. Tentrr takes it one step f [...]

Best Summer Camping Vacation Locations 2018…

Camping is a year-round adventure but some of the nation's most scenic places become that much more beautiful and accessible come spring and summer. Whether you're driving across country in a luxe RV or traversing the backcountry with a tent inside your backpack, these stops are all but guaranteed t [...]

Top Expert Camping Advice

Just came across this excellent post by Jay Gentile on the Thrillist blog. He goes into a lot of detail on beach, backcountry, winter, kayak and canoe, car and cliff camping. Superb information and well worth a read for all you camping enthusiasts out there! Here's a snippet below: "People w [...]

Some Things To Consider When Going Camping With Kids

OK, let's consider this situation. You have been planning to go camping for a long weekend and on this occasion you are bringing the kids along so as they can get their first taste of the whole camping experience. What kid doesn't get excited about that? Now, it's time to sit down ahead of time and [...]

Snow Camping Tips

In this article we want to touch on some things we feel are ultra important to keep in mind before going camping in snowy conditions. We want to throw some tips at you that we feel will be especially helpful when preparing yourself in advance. First thing that springs to mind is actually planning fo [...]

Choosing Camping Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags come in so many shapes and sizes for men and women and children. Thankfully, most of them are labeled to help you choose the right one. The shell of most sleeping bags is usually made from nylon or polyester. Be sure to choose a sleeping bag that is breathable. The top brand camping [...]

Choosing The Best Generator For Your Camping Vacation

Let's take a look at a few important things to consider before buying a camping generator. These things are really all that you need to be aware of in order to determine which portable camping generators will best suit your particular requirements. One thing is for sure, you always need to double ch [...]